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Moving to Iowa on a winter maybe a cheap option, but this is something you should think twice, especially with snowstorm frequently visiting this area.

What to expect during an Iowa Winter Storm?

So how does an Iowa winter storm look like? It is often characterized by rain with snow and occasional sleet. This makes it easier for vehicles to drive on the road. As a result, your moving day may be moved to a different date.

Due to this, it is important to know the policy of your moving company in Iowa for situations like this. Will they be willing to postpone to move? If so will there be additional charges if you move it to a different date?

Be clear with this and put it into writing.

As for your new home, it is also best to discuss this matter with your real estate agent or landlord. Since you can’t move out because of the storm, whoever would wish to occupy your place will also find it difficult, if not impossible to move it. What options would you be given should this issue arise.

Create a travel route

If it’s not possible to move your transfer to a different date, then the next best solution for you to make is to find the safest route. Check if the highways are open and if these areas are safe for travel.

Write emergency phone numbers and websites and place it in your wallet so you can easily ask for help should you be stranded somewhere along the road. Better yet, look for a location where you can stay overnight in case you do need to stop.

Ensure your car is well maintained

Your most trusted while on the road to your new home in Iowa would be your car. So guarantee that is in good condition before you hit the road by checking the following:

 – Are all the fluids topped up?

 – Are the tires and breaks working well?

 – Is the engine in good condition?

Bring an extra gas can with you, kitty litter, or a windshield fluid. Pack a good snow shovel and emergency blanket should you need this while on the road.

Do you have other winter tips to share with other movers? Be happy to share it with us.