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One of the first questions any homeowner asks is, how much should I be allocating for a professional move to and from Iowa? This is one of the reasons homeowners will invest in getting various quotes just to get the most affordable rates from professional movers. Sadly, some end up paying more or getting more stressed because of the inefficiency of the movers they get.

So how much does it cost?

At an average, apartmentlist.com has given an average moving quote for various types of bedrooms as follows:

  • 1-bedroom apartment or house: $200-$500, 3-5 hours of labor
  • 2-bedrooms apartment: $375-$750, 5-6 hours of labor
  • 3-bedrooms apartment: $800-$1,500, 7-10 hours of labor
  • 4-bedrooms and up: $1,000-$2,000, 10+ hours of labor

The price becomes higher if you plan to move longer distances.

Given these price range, you can now easily see if the quote provided by your Iowa moving company is reasonable or not. Anything higher is outrageous and anything lower is dubious. To free your mind from doubts, do a second degree of research by:

Reading reviews

There are now many ways to see and check the efficiency of a moving company in Iowa. Go to their FB pages or Google Reviews. See how other people are fairing the services they have delivered. Based on these comments, evaluate if you are willing to choose them as your professional moving company of choice.

Check their insurance and license

You will have a better peace of mind if you know that you are working with a licensed and insured moving company. So take the time to see if their are licensed with the Department of Transportation.

See their affiliations

Are they giving back to society? Are they affiliated with any organization?

White Glove Movers supports Move For Hunger to ensure any of your unopened non-perishable items can be used to make food for families who need help.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a licensed and insured moving company in Iowa that supports the community. Get your free quote from us. Send us a message.