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Here are unique foods to explore when moving to Iowa, which makes it worth considering your new home. Tell us which among these foodies and drinks made you fall in love with the place, even more.

8. Have a taste of the  Zombie Burger and Shake Lab

There is a sudden fascination with dead people walking – “Zombies” and here in the Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, they have embraced it.

Are you ready for this “extraordinary” experience? Then head on to Iowa to experience eating on a blood-spattered table with lifeless eyes gazing out of the walls watching you.

9. Indulge with Blue Moon Icecream

This popular ice cream in Iowa tastes neither like the sky or the ocean, but it has become a Midwestern favorite.

Ask those who have tasted it and you’ll be surprised how many different answers they will provide. Some will say they have tasted almond extract while others will attest to its citrus that they have tasted.

Fans of cereals are also confused if they should consider it as Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops or Trix. But the rest remain and argue that the secret taste must be due to the marshmallows.

Taste it for yourself to know more about this beloved blue icecream of Iowa.

10. Delight Yourself with Snickers Salad

Next time someone advises you to just eat salads, simply say YES! Especially, if you are in Iowa because of this Snickers Salad treat.

This Iowa specialty is made of candy and cool whip. No wonder this has become a mainstay in many Midwestern potlucks.

What does this treat contain?

Cool Whip

Sliced Granny Smith apples

Snicker bars

Vanilla pudding

All of which is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

11. Be happy with your daily dose of breaded pork tenderloin

Hailed as the number one producer of pork in the US, enjoying a daily dose of breaded pork tenderloins is not impossible in this state.

Do you want to know where the best-fried pork in Iowa can be eaten? Try going to either Nick’s or The Lucky Pig in Ogden.

12. Learn How to Make a Maid-Rite Sandwich

This sandwich may look simple but the Iowa Maid-Rite sandwich will definitely make you think twice. Most who have tasted these sandwich has made them one of their favorites.

Who wouldn’t! It has tender and flavorful beef even with the simple ingredients added to it. The secret… hmm that is for you to discover.  But this recipe can be a good start to learn how it is done.


13. Taste home grown grass-fed beef at its finest

Visit the Cider House for a taste of a simple but high-quality pub fare such as:

  • Burgers
  • Fish and chips
  • French fries
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad

Complete the experience with their range of drinks, primarily their in-house hard cider and their variety of whiskeys.

However, do note that they are closed only on Monday and Sunday. So plan your travel before deciding to visit.

We’ve got more to offer. Ensure to keep following our blogs for more reasons to move to Iowa.