As your business grows, you might need to relocate it to a bigger place. Moving a business is not as easy as moving a household – more work needs to be done in moving the furnishings, pieces equipment, and other stuff from the office to the new location. Moving may interrupt the operations of the business, but it can be lessened if these pointers will be kept in mind:


Plan your move as early as possible.


While moving households can be planned not too far enough in advance, you cannot rush planning corporate moving. Plan at least six months prior to the target move date so you won’t leave out any important matters.


Hire trusted movers


Furnishings, pieces of equipment and other business stuff are indeed expensive and you cannot afford to either lose or break them. Hire movers that have enough experience, manpower, and equipment to safely move the things to the new business location.


Assign tasks as the moving day nears


Make a list of tasks to be done for an orderly moving process. Assign them to your workers days before the moving day. By doing so, you will save a lot of time and you will be ensured that you did not leave out important things while packing.


Inform your employees ahead of time


Notify your workers as early as possible because they have the right to know beforehand. Imagine the stress that sudden news of relocating may bring to them. Your employees will have things to consider – whether or not should they continue being employed to your business despite being relocated to a place farther?


Inform your customers


Create notices for your customers so they will know where the business will be relocated.


Inform your vendors


Be sure to notify vendors with the new shipping and mailing address ahead of time. This will lessen the possible troubles that may arise if your vendors will ship supplies to the old business address.


Hire full-service movers


Hiring full-service mover is more convenient than availing a moving service alone. It will save you a lot of time and headache but is relatively more expensive than the moving service without full service.


IT equipment should be unloaded first


If you will move IT equipment such as computers, have them unloaded first because it may take time setting them up.


Moving business may require a lot of work, so be sure to plan ahead and take note of these tips!