Moving out from your old household to a new one can be a very stressful process. Packing your belongings and simultaneously doing your daily routine such as going to work can sometimes be a mess.

Here is a list of common issues one may encounter when moving in:

1.The new house is not fully ready 

One of the most important things to do when moving in is to know whether the new house is ready to be moved in to or not. Packing things and traveling for hours can be exhausting. Imagine having unloaded the boxes already and realize that the house is not yet ready. Say that this problem occurred, do not worry much. You can stay in a hotel for the meantime and rent a storage for your belongings, but it will cost you a few more bucks. It’s better to check on it beforehand to avoid this problem from happening.

2.Insufficient planning

Do not move without sufficient planning. If you do not plan ahead because you are lazy or does not have enough time to do so, then it’s given that there may be problems that you may encounter. If you do not want this to happen, create a timetable to go by during the process of moving.

3.Missing items

Be sure to hire experienced movers to avoid missing some of your belongings. The moving process requires a lot of work and they may be confused and occupied by other things and may lead to losing your belongings. Have your boxes organised, labeled and classified accordingly so you can easily tell them apart.

4.Damaged and broken items

Relating to the previous number, a mover that is not experienced tend to break or damage your items because they do not practice safety precautions. Aside from telling them to be careful with your belongings, you can add additional wrapping for breakable items such as glassware.


Pets can be affected badly by motion sickness when moving and not only that, they can also find it hard to adapt to the new surroundings. Make sure to bring along a comfortable sleeping bed for them so they will be able to ease the distress.

6.Elevator not working

It can be a serious problem if the elevator is broken or limits the amount of weight that it can accommodate per ride. You wouldn’t want to carry heavy boxes up the long escalated stairways back and forth. Before leaving, make sure to give the new place a call to make sure that the lifts are working properly.

7. Essentials

What’s worse than leaving out your essentials unknowingly? It is a big headache to leave your essentials and only realizing it when you are already unpacking the boxes in the new house. Have them packed in a separate bag and make sure that you have put it on board.

8. Not informing family and close friends of the new address

Your family and close friends might want to pay you a visit, but you have not informed them of the new address. You will save them a lot of time and headache if you inform them well of the new address.

9. Furnishings cannot fit inside the new house

When you lack in planning, this undesirable event may happen. Big furnishing may not fit the new house and it will be troublesome to leave them outside.

10. Utilities not working properly

Moved in and you have only found out that utilities are not working? It’s a huge mess. Have them checked before moving in – the water and electricity.

Plan ahead of time to avoid any of these issues. Choose a professional moving company to help you with your move. Call us at 319.393.3000.